Intro to Machine Learning

Day 1 of Ken Jee's Intro to Machine Learning. I watched the 1st/69 videos in the playlist "Machine Learning" on Youtube's StatQuest with...

Data Models

The following info is from Chapter 2 of Database Systems by Carlos Coronel Basic Building Blocks Entity: A person, place, thing, concept or event for which...

this keyword

Introduction The JavaScript this keyword refers to the object it belongs to. Code Resources

Linear Search Algorithm

Introduction Linear search, a search algorithm with time complexity of O(n), starts from the beginning of a list, and checks each element until the search...

Creating ‘Acronyms’ in Python

I've been learning python strings on Zybooks before my MSBA program next year at UofL. Here is the problem: An acronym is a word formed from...

Database Systems

Database Systems is a required textbook for my class, Data Management - MSBA 630 at the University of Louisville's Master in Business Analytics program. DataBase Systems:...

Client-Server Model

Today, I watched the 'Client-Server Model' video on Another cool program he mentioned was, Netcat. Nc is a computer networking utility for reading from...


Hey everyone! This is my first post on makeitDev where I'll be sharing my journey as a developer and how to 'make it!'as a dev.