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this keyword



The JavaScript this keyword refers to the object it belongs to.


Linear Search Algorithm


Linear search, a search algorithm with time complexity of O(n), starts from the beginning of a list, and checks each element until the search key is found or the end of the list is reached.



Creating ‘Acronyms’ in Python


I’ve been learning strings on Zybooks before my MSBA program next year at UofL.

Here is the problem:

An acronym is a word formed from the initial letters of words in a set phrase. Write a program whose input is a phrase and whose output is an acronym of the input. If a word begins with a lower case letter, don’t include that letter in the acronym. Assume there will be at least one upper case letter in the input.

Database Systems


Database Systems is a required textbook for my class, Data Management – MSBA 630 at the University of Louisville’s Master in Business Analytics program.

DataBase Systems: Design, Implementation, & Management.
By Carlos Coronel and Steven Morris
13th Edition 2019

1Why Databases?

Because databases make data persistent and shareable in a secure way, they are the best way to store, manage, and retrieve data very quickly.

Data: Raw facts, or facts that have not yet been processed to reveal their meaning the the end user.

Information = The result of processing raw data to reveal its meaning and facilitate decision making.

knowledge = The body of info and facts about a specific subject.

metadata = Data about data; data about data characteristics and relationships.

ad hoc query= a ‘spur-of-the-moment” question.

Types of Databases:
Single-user, desktop, multi-user, workgroup, enterprise, centralized, distributed, cloud, general-purpose, discipline-specific, and operational database.

Basic File Terminology: